Concrete Products


For residential use, our range includes decorative concrete (coloured and exposed aggregate), architectural precast, pervious concrete for driveways and patios, and standard concrete for footings and slabs. Every one of our products is 100% kiwi-made.


We supply a variety of concrete mixes for use in spray applications.


Our decorative mixes provide a range of options to create architectural finishes for landscaping, flooring and driveways.


Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a highly flowable, yet stable concrete that can spread readily into place to fill formwork.

Hydrovia® permeable

Stevenson Hydrovia® mixes allow water to drain through the concrete to percolate back into the ground.

Block fill

A high flow mix for filling retaining walls and hollow masonry blocks.


Delivered by a concrete truck and offloaded into a concrete pump for placing in areas that are difficult to access.


Delivered to site in a concrete truck and offloaded directly from the chute.

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