Stevenson has 5 plants across the Auckland area with new plants in Rānui, Silverdale and a large 100m3 per hour plant in Drury. Our plants provide a reliable and efficient service with a fleet of 65 concrete trucks, offering concrete solutions for commercial, precast, infrastructure and residential projects. 

Concrete Products


Our range of commercial mixes includes pump mixes for locations that are not accessible by trucks, specialised floor mixes for on grade placing and suspended slabs, and standard/conventional concrete straight off the chute. Whatever the formulation, each of our products is tried and tested for durability and workability.

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We provide a variety of mixes for infrastructure applications including pump mixes, gravity-driven tremie mixes, standard/conventional concrete, and specialised mixes designed for building foundations and pilings. Our products all meet or exceed New Zealand concrete standards.

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For residential use, our range includes decorative concrete (coloured and exposed aggregate), architectural precast, pervious concrete for driveways and patios, and standard concrete for footings and slabs. Every one of our products is 100% kiwi-made.

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Low Carbon Concrete Products


Less carbon, same reliable performance. Stevenson Concrete's new CarbonCure solution enables the production of the same reliable concrete but with a reduced carbon footprint. Concrete made with CarbonCure reduces CO2 by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic metre.

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Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a byproduct of coal-burning by electric generation power plants. Used in part as a substitute for cement, it improves workability, durability, and pumpability. Fly ash also reduces demand for water and increases concrete’s long-term compressive strength.

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Our Team

We’ve been innovating, manufacturing and supplying concrete to the Auckland region for more than a century. You’ll find our concrete in everything from bridges, to driveways and everything in between. Whatever your project, our concrete team has the expertise to ensure you can rely on a consistent, high- quality product.



We’re going paperless

23 Sep 2021

Stevenson Concrete is going paperless. We’re implementing a concrete delivery management system called iStrada which will allow our customers to track deliveries, review tickets online and check order details.

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AQA announces new chair

23 Sep 2021

Stevenson Technical Manager Jayden Ellis has been elected to the position of incoming chair of the AQA (Aggregate and Quarry Association of New Zealand).

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