At Stevenson, we make it a priority to reduce our impact on the environment. We focus on new technologies and processes so we can provide the best quality solutions for our customers and the environment.

Reducing our emissions through innovation

Because we’re determined to reduce our carbon emissions, we’re implementing a variety of carbon-decreasing initiatives.

We’re also developing new concrete products that reduce the requirement for cement. These include water-reducer and super-plasticiser mixes, as well as Fly Ash. A byproduct of coal burning, Fly Ash reduces demand for water and increases concrete’s long-term compressive strength, reducing the amount of cement required.

Award winning wetlands restoration

Fifteen years ago an extension at Waingaro Quarry prompted a restoration that not only created an award winning wetland environment for our indigenous species, but a legacy for future generations.

More than 8,500 eco-sourced indigenous trees were planted and a fish passage was installed. A programme was put in place to control pests including rats, possums and stoats.

Quarry staff have monitored the area ever since and the data shows an increase in both size and population of the native fish species and bird life. Perhaps most encouraging though is the long-tailed bat, or pekapeka. In danger of extinction, our predator control program has seen the local population stabilise, with the pekapeka frequently visiting the stream and wetlands at night to feed.