Specified basecourses and sub-basecourses

We produce a variety of basecourses and sub-basecourses to meet national and local authority specifications.

Waka Kotahi

  • NZTA M/4 AP40
  • NZTA M/4 AP20
  • NZTA HiLab 40
  • HiLab 65

Auckland Transport Design Manual 0800 Series

  • AT40
  • AT65

Manukau City Approved Requirement (MANARC)

  • MR-9
  • MR-8

Hamilton City Development Manual

  • WHAP 40
  • WHAP 65

Regional Infrastructure Technical Specification (RITS)

Tauranga City Infrastructure Development Code (IDC)

  • AP40 – 1, 2 & 3
  • AP65 – 1 & 2

Western Bay of Plenty Development Code

Made to Order (MTO)

  • SAL AP40
  • SAL AP65

Cement or Lime Stabilised or Modified Pugmill Basecourses and Sub-Bases

  • CTB

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