At Stevenson we believe in quarrying for the future which is why we have a strong focus on the latest technology. We are environmentally responsible and use technology to reduce our carbon footprint. Safety is paramount so we use technology including backing cameras on loaders, and tyre tread trackers on transport vehicles to keep our people safe.


Stevenson Concrete’s new CarbonCure solution enables the production of the same reliable concrete but with a reduced carbon footprint. Concrete made with CarbonCure reduces CO2 by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic metre.

Fresh properties including set-time, slump, workability, pumpability, air content, temperature, and finishing are not affected; neither are hardened properties, including pH, freeze-thaw, density, colour, texture, and durability.

How it works

CO2 produced by local oil refineries is collected, purified and transported to Stevenson Concrete where it is stored in a pressurised tank.

A CarbonCure valve box is connected to the CO2 tank, and automatically injects a precise dosage of CO2 into the concrete during mixing.

The CO2 reacts with the cement’s calcium ions to form Calcium Carbonate. This is embedded in the concrete, increasing its strength while eliminating the CO2.

iStrada paperless ticketing

We’re always looking for ways to innovate in our industry. Whether it’s introducing concrete that reduces CO2 emissions or paperless invoicing, we’re determined to be market leaders.

Stevenson Concrete has implemented a concrete delivery management system called iStrada which allows our customers to track and monitor deliveries in real time, review tickets online and check order details. Every order is completely viewable online right from mixing to delivery.