Cleanfill and managed fill

We operate operate managed fill at Drury Quarry and cleanfill at our Tūākau Sand Plant.

Testing requirements and acceptable levels of contamination vary at each site. Please contact us prior to bringing in your load as we must verify before your arrival.


Our Tūākau site can accept natural materials such as clay, aggregates, sand, soil, clay, rock which have been excavated from areas of land which do not contain contaminants at levels greater than background concentrations, and which have no adverse effects on the environment.

Managed Fill

Cleanfill material, aggregates, sand soil, clay rock and other inert materials that may have low levels of contaminates that exceed background levels can be accepted at our Drury Quarry.

Cleanfill Tuakau

Product Resources

  • Stevenson Aggregates Application and Declaration Form for Disposal of Fill
  • Stevenson Aggregates Conditions of Entry
  • Watercare Criteria for Testing 2017

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